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Research & Development

Textile Engineering

Our team is comprised of qualified textile engineers and experienced industry experts. Our products are custom tailored for the application and specifications of each customer. We have the ability to alter any of your existing textile material to improve performance and value. Our engineers remain present during trial runs to verify the procedures needed to move into bulk production. We make sure all product development information is kept proprietary to the client we are servicing. Each of our products have detailed process controls and physical property verification procedures.


Knitting & Weaving

We have assembled one of the largest groups of premier suppliers worldwide, of which over 50 percent of the suppliers are ISO 9002 and QS 16949 guideline certified. Okeo-Tex, REACH, RoHS, Fair labor acts, and EPA certification are standard requirements for our vendors. Relationships are cultivated each and every day by staff in our Shanghai, Shengza, Pusan, and Bangalore offices. Quarterly visits from USA top management ensure mutual trust and success. 

Production Reports

Work in progress

Work in progress reports and all shipping and tracking information is e-mailed as well as available in iCloud for 24/7 accessibility. In addition, as part of ou manufacturing principles "Six Sigma & Lean Manufacturing" we dual-source all major production programs.

Quality Control

Process controls & Inspection

Our staff resides at the supplier production locations. A four-level audit system insuring color (X-rite), physical properties (Lab Tested), and defect mapping is performed daily on every yard produced. We maintain rigid standards and tolerances that are established from the onset of all production. Documents and detailed process controls are adhered to and multilevel audited as well. These reports are reviewed daily by USA management prior to approving shipments. These in-depth reports are also available to customers on iCloud. we have achieved an impressive less than .05% credit and return rate. 



We provide warehousing for on-time delivery, with locations in Duncan SC, and Long Beach CA. we also offer single-product shipments or consolidation of multiple products for direct delivery, duty paid.  We ship globally to the USA, Mexico, Central America, The Caribbean, and Europe. Our on-time rate is nearly perfect.